Better way to heat from Europe

There really is only one place in Europe that is globally accepted as a mekka for quality manufacture – Germany, the birthplace of Alpha Innotec.

Alpha Innotec for high-tech

Technological advance can only come from advanced factory – one of Europe’s most advanced heat pump production plants is Alpha Innotec’s in Kasendorf.

Alpha Innotec is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heat pumps. Their constant effort on improvement is constatly pushing the envelope of technical development. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers are already utilizing their expertise in their homes.

In the heat pump industry, Alpha Innotec has long been known for its elaborate and durable German technology, which is guaranteed to be reliable. Thanks to their new production plant in Kasendorf - one of the most modern heat pump plants in the world - they satisfy their customers’ needs with top performing products.

The power of the sun

The heat pump is the most efficient way to harness solar energy that we currently have. Even at low temperatures these devices can extract enough energy from the ground or air to provide residential buildings of all sizes a comfortable heating and hot water supply.

It is common for Alpha Innotec heat pumps to take up to 80 percent of the energy for home and water heating from the environment. This accompanied with ecological production standards make Alpha Innotec heat pumps very economical and environmentally friendly.