The new flagship

One of Scandinavia's best-selling high quality heat pumps is now even better – introducing HZ-1

Let’s recap why it’s so good

Outstanding performance and reliability are what make Panasonic HZ series heat pumps so popular among scandinavians

Panasonic HZ RKE has high efficiency that helps quickly to provide and maintain a comfortable indoor climate even at outdoor temperature down to -35 °C. With its A+++ energy classification HZ RKE Panasonic contributes to a significant reduction of the building's heating costs. Panasonic HZ RKE is excellent for replacing an older heat pump or other costly heating systems. HZ RKE increases energy savings and comfort features such as Internet governance and air cleaning systems.

HZ-1 with R32 eco-gas

Sustainability is a top priority for Panasonic. New Flagship HZ9RKE-1 and HZ12RKE-1 heat pumps use R32 refrigerant.

The use of R32 eco-gas in Panasonic heat pumps translates to higher efficiency, greater energy savings, zero impact on ozone layer and 75% less impact on global warming.

The move towards R32 is part of Panasonic’s overall strategy to reduce the impact of refrigerants on the environment.

Econavi for additional energy savings

Panasonic HZ9RKE is equipped with Econavi that makes the heat pump environmental impact as small as possible and contribute to savings for you. Econavi detects when it is sunny, cloudy night and adapts to the conditions. For example, if the air conditioner would be set to heat, so it knows if it is cloudy or dark and then increases efficiency. Should the sun come up it sends signals that warming may decrease. This decreases the amount of energy spent in vain. Econavi feel namely whether the heat pump consumes unnecessary energy and reduces heating corresponding to 1°C. The system works the same way in the cold as in the heat.

Panasonic's heat pumps are designed for the Nordic climate and HZ9RKE are developed to cope with high energy efficiency even at -35°C.


Inverter control, means that when the heat pump has reached the desired heat or cold, adjusts the temperature automatically so that it stays smooth. That way there will be no major changes in temperature and electricity consumption is kept down.

Maintanance mode

Panasonic HZ9RKE flagship has a function for maintaining heat, which is perfect for homes and other places where you want to keep a lower temperature during the heating season. It can be set to hold 8°C options 10°C.

Clean air

Panasonic HZ9RKE includes Panasonic's air purification system Nanoe-G which purifies your indoor air of mold, bacteria and viruses. With the help of nanotechnology, you get a clean indoor air at a microscopic level.