Only the best parts can create the best unity

Maximum customer satisfaction is at the center of our focus. The best heating and cooling technology from innovation leaders, first-rate installation & service with friendly customer care are our tools for reaching that goal.

Technology that fits and benefits every home

Subtle, elegant, high quality design of our heating and cooling devices make sure that they will be a pleasant addition to every interior design.

At the same time, technical excellence of these devices will guarantee that homes will be heated and cooled in an extremely cost-effective, environmentally friendly way.

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Customer care means care for the environment

We all depend on our environment for our well-being. New technology that minimizes impact on the environment while saving costs and providing comfort is what we look for and invest in.

Bestair is proud to be partners to such innovation leaders as Panasonic, Samsung, Alpha Innotec and Stiebel Eltron whose products represent the best in sustainable heating and cooling solutions in the world.

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Expanding your reach with Bestair

Good unity provides many benefits:

  • Best products with better terms
  • Fast and reliable supply
  • Best technical support
  • Back-office optimisation
  • First-rate marketing & promotion
  • Customer support know-how
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Together we have gone from strength to strength

While each valued member of Bestair network of heatpump and air conditioner sellers were all successful and running well on their own, they all benefited from fast and reliable supply of the best products.

With top technical and customer service support, back-office optimisation as well as effective marketing tools, our members have experienced growth and rise in the quality of their service.

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The new flagship

12 DEC 2016

One of Scandinavia's best-selling high quality heat pumps is now even better – introducing HZ-1.

World’s best heat pump

12 DEC 2016

The new Panasonic VZ heat pump put head-to-head against other heat pumps and it came out on top.

Join us at Nordbygg

03 MAY 2016

Nordbygg is the largest and the most relevant construction expo in the Northern Europe.